Thursday, July 28, 2011

Having a second thought?

It is so hard at first..

I cried..

I prayed and non-stop du'as to My Allah ♥

then I cried more and more..

I really need His guidance..:'(

It's not just that thing that Allah had tested me..

There's a lot!

but I know I'm not the only one..


After all that I had been through..

Do you still think I hv a 2nd thought after I asked for His guidance?

And right now I'm still asking for His guidance in every tiny miney things in my life..

Do you still think I hv a 2nd thought?

Have FAITH in Him after you asked for His HELP..

A reminder for me and you..

Ar-Rahmaanu Wudda 19:96 (^__^)~ ♥


Anonymous said...

mengharap sangat...enti dapat bersama2 :) jngan nangis ye.

*Dr.NFR* said...


Anonymous said...

i hope you have found your Islam.....